Group chat for sports betting.

Social wagering with friends, not books.
Over 25,000 bets made between real people!

Bookies take 10% of your winnings.

Friends don't.

How It Works
Create a group, add friends, and chat just like a regular messaging app
Browse game lines and choose the bets you want to take
Your bets appear directly in the chat for your friends to see.
Friends take your bets. You take theirs.
App keeps track of all your bets.  

Our Philosophy

For most bettors, the purpose of wagering on sporting events is to make the games more exciting to watch. Fewer than 5% of sports bettors are actually profitable over the long run. This is because sportsbooks charge commission called "juice" or "vig." So essentially bettors are paying sportsbooks in exchange for entertainment.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can experience that same fun and excitement without paying the predatory sportsbooks. Betting lines are designed to split public opinion. Why not make a friendly wager with someone you know who likes the opposite side of the line?

Sportsbooks make it easy to deposit funds, but difficult to withdrawal. On BetBuds, there's no depositing funds. There's no juice or vig. There's just friendly wagering, smack talk during games, and an easy to use interface. BetBuds keeps track of all your bets, allowing you and your group to settle up however you see fit. Sign up now below!