Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my group be?
The more people in the group, the more action you'll have. We recommend groups having at least 8 people to get started.
Should I know everyone that I'm in a group with?
It's fun betting with people you know, but adding friends of friends to your group is great way to increase your group's size. Plus you might make some new friends (or enemies!).
Can I be in more than one group?
Of course!
How much can I bet?
On BetBuds each bet with someone is 1 unit. What that unit means is totally up to you and your group! When posting a bet to your group, you can indicate how many takers you're willing to take on. Each taker is 1 unit.
What happens after I place a bet?
All members of your group can see your active bet and take you on! If you indicated a maximum of three takers, once three people take you on, no one else will be able to take your bet.
What if no one in my group takes my bet?
Unfortunately that might happen, but it’s pretty rare in groups of 12 people or more. BetBuds is designed for casual friendly betting. If you get a hot tip before kickoff and need to lock in a $500 bet, use a sportsbook.
Is BetBuds legal?
Yes! BetBuds is legal in all 50 states. This is because BetBuds does not hold any money or process any transactions. BetBuds is simply a tool for tracking bets with friends.
If BetBuds doesn't process transactions, how do I get my winnings?
You and your group members can settle up off the app in a way that works for you. BetBuds does not enforce transactions in any way.
How do I request data deletion?
If you would like to request to have your data removed from BetBuds, please send us an email at